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Non-surgical fat reduction treatments in Action, MA

Thinking of ways to reduce belly fat without surgery? The team at Lyla Beauty Bar is ready to provide you with body contouring solutions, plus a variety of other beauty med spa services.

EON: Smarter Body Contouring

Remove Belly Fat without Surgery

The Best Body Contouring Treatment in Acton, MA

Using an FDA-cleared touchless laser device, we’re able to target the areas of stubborn body fat that diet and exercise alone cannot reach. With zero downtime needed for recovery, discover why this 60-minute personalized body contouring treatment is the best and most effective fat reduction treatment in the Acton and Concord, MA area.

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How Does Laser Fat Removal Work?

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Targeting Fat Cells

The EON Laser targets fatty cells, heating them up to 51°C (123.8°F), while the cooling technology keeps your skin cool and comfortable. This process is 100% noninvasive and does not require any surgery or recovery time.

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Disposing Fat Cells

The targeted and laser heated fat cells begin to experience apoptosis, a slow programmed cell death. The body will naturally dispose of the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system.
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Fat Reduction Achieved

Within 12 weeks, patients achieve permanent fat reduction, averaging 6.3mm of fat loss.

Advantages of
EON Body Contouring

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After one treatment, patients experience an average of 25.3% fat loss in their lower abdomen and 21.6% in their abdominal fat reduction.


Treating an entire abdomen in 60 minutes with zero post-treatment or downtime.


Using the EON laser’s smart sensor technology scans, the patient’s body topography is mapped out for a more personalized treatment.


Laser fat reduction is a robotic, touchless, and comfortable treatment that does not require sticky cooling gels or large applicators.

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