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Best Electrolysis Hair Removal Best Laser Hair Removal Best Facials
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Best Electrolysis Hair Removal Acton MA

Electrolysis hair removal, permanently removes unwanted hair and is suitable for all skin and hair types

Best Laser Hair Removal Acton MA

Laser Hair Removal quickly reduces large areas of unwanted hair with an intense form of light

Best Facials Acton MA

Exfoliate, Oxygenate, Infusion. Improve skin tone and texture to look and feel your best.

Best Electrolysis Hair Removal Acton MA

Eyebrow Henna, Tinting and Styling. Get natural, beautiful and styled eyebrows in many shades

Best Electrolysis Hair Removal Best Laser Hair Removal Best Facials

Every person is unique and so is their treatment. Come in so that we can make a specialized program just for you

Which Service is right for you?

Are you not sure if electrolysis, laser hair removal or aesthetics is right for you? Don't worry, Call us or make an appointment for a free consultation. We will work with you in creating a personal treatment plan with zero obligation. We want to make sure that you receive the correct and best service to ensure the best results and at the same time, saving you money. Check out the service page for more information about our services.
Laser Hair Removal

Great for removing large areas of hair. We use the latest in laser hair removal technology which will help you save money and get results.

Starting $42

Uncompromising precision in removing hair. Electrolysis is the perfect solution for shaping eyebrows and permanently removing unwanted hair.

Starting $28
Eyebrow Shaping

Get that perfect look and never have to wax again. Or accentuate your eyebrows with Henna, Tint and Styling.

Starting $50

Treat yourself to a relaxing Super Facial and look and feel younger. Revitalize your skin by using our microderm-abrasion and shed that old dull skin.

Starting $105
Bikini Lines

Get Ready for summer and avoid waxing with our permanent hair removal solutions. Avoid the yearly custom of painful bikini waxes and remove hair permanently

Starting $77

Feel confident and throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don‘t care!

Starting $56
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