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Achieve Radiant and Glowing skin with Lylas' Super Facial.
The ultimate super facial treatment for younger, fresher and vibrant skin.

The Super Facial

Experience a unique and cutting edge techniques in skin care to help rejuvenate your skin. Lyla Beauty Bar uses a facial treatment system called OxyGeneo which is the ultimate facial treatment platform for achieving a younger, fresher and naturally better looking skin. This is achieved through microabrasion, oxygenation and infusion of essential nutrients.

OxyGeneo's innovation treatments harnesses the power of oxygenation for intense nourishment and skin rejuvenation. A clinically proven and unique, three-in-one facial treatment works both on the surface and deep within the skin, that encourages natural skin renewal and replenishment process.
OxyGeneo treatments can be offered to a wide variety of skin types, ages and needs, making it a perfect solution for ongoing maintenance of the skin.

Best Facials Acton MA
The beginning of your super facial experience. A facial cleanse of any impurities, leaving you in a natural and relaxed state just as nature intended.
Best Facials Acton MA
Gently remove dead skin cells by microdermabrasion to renew and refresh your skin's texture, making the skin look brighter and improving the effectiveness of absorption of active ingredients.
Best Facials Acton MA
A relaxing hot towel is applied to your face as a way to deep clean your skin. The steam released from the towel helps to open up your pores so that moisturizers and facial cleansers are better absorbed into the skin.

Best Facials Acton MA
By applying a stimulating yet gentle massage of essential nutrients, a natural reaction occurs which attracts a surge of oxygen to the skin's surface to repair collagen and increase blood flow.
Best Facials Acton MA
A blend of active ingredients and hyaluronic acid is absorbed into the skin through massaging pulses of ultrasound deep within the layers of the skin for a refreshed and revitalized appearance.
Best Facials Acton MA
A moisturizing face mask is applied restoring moisture to your skin and leaving a lasting healthy glow. This effect is further strengthened and maintained throughout the recommended series of treatments.


Fast & Efficient
Pleasant "lunch-time" treatment with no pain and downtime.
Immediate Results
Unique mode of action and protocol for immediate and long term results.
Tailored treatment options to meet the variety of patients needs.
Clinically Proven
Safe and effective clinically proven technologies, that work in synergy for optimal results.
Lyla Beauty Bar

Before and After Super Facial

Best Electrolysis Hair Removal Best Laser Hair Removal Best Facials
Best Electrolysis Hair Removal Best Laser Hair Removal Best Facials

Revitalize your skin by using our microderm-abrasion system providing safe, effective and simple facial treatments

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